The Legal Firm

In the young professional panorama, the di Martino Legal Firm (PdM) represents a successful synthesis of a new way of carrying out this profession, combining an all round solid formation and experience, which is typical of the Italian province, with an international vision and an eye principally for a niche business clientele. Counting on a client relationship, which is direct, trustworthy, reserved and of esteem, the Firm offers above all extra-judicial and consultancy services, as well as following the necessary contentious phases with the logistic support of numerous and valid collaborators. Thanks to Paolo di Martino Esq.’s experience and formation, the Firm is able to offer its competence and professionalism for criminology consultancy especially in the business activity area of the criminal law sector. Lastly, the Firm is always attentive to history, art, music, theatre and historical-cultural traditions, generally by participating in maintaining historical memory and traditions alive with important contributions both to local and national associations and even by sharing its own knowledge and professional competence.

Collaborators and Consultants

The Firm avails itself of independent collaborators, lawyers, recent university graduates, technical consultants of various fields and of the highest professional levels. In relation to languages other than French or English, the Firm constantly avails itself of the collaboration of expert translators that have matured experience in judicial and business issues (in particular German, Russian, Spanish and Ukrainian).


Since 2003, appraising a family experience carried out in the highest rank on the Bench (1) and after an intense experience as a public servant internally acquainted with the mechanisms of the administration, Paolo di Martino has established a slim Firm structure with independent collaborators which has grown in the last years, dealing particularly with the energy liberalisation and research sectors, without losing contact of his first passion criminology and criminal law. The Firm today can boast having acquired a significant seniority, particularly in the energy sector, also thanks to experience had in virtue of working contacts with International Law Firms. Moreover, the never interrupted relationship with the Forensic Medicine and Criminology Departments of Genoa University, the specialized publications concerning criminology (2) and the collaboration with the expert criminal lawyer Enrico di Martino, render the Firm’s offer diversified and of quality. The possibility of availing of external scientific backing on behalf of Professor Alberto di Martino, criminal law lecturer at Sant’Anna Institute of Advanced Studies in Pisa, establishes further guarantee of top level field reference.

(1)Vincenzo di Martino Honorary President of the Court of Cassation – Knight of the Grand Cross.
(2)Avv. Paolo di Martino has been a member of the Italian Society of Criminology since 10.10.2003

The International Perspective

The international outlook, for a “young” Firm, has represented and represents a bet and the greatest challenge to support the best and most dynamic Italian business realities in entering the foreign markets, without ever forgetting that medium-small companies make Italy appreciated abroad. Collaboration with young multilingual graduates establishes secure guarantee for those who avail to the professionalism of the Firm. The close friendship and tie with Mario Lippman, who works between Italy and the US (La Jolee – San Diego) and the professional experience matured by Enrico di Martino, in particular in Brazil, gives the Firm an open and extra EU vision.

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